Festival Nature Through her Eyes, VII Academy: Interview of Valérie Chansigaud

The Nature: Through Her Eyes festival was a special event with free admission celebrating and highlighting women’s roles in storytelling about nature and the environment, including writers, photographers, filmmakers, as well as camera and sound operators.

The festival was held in Perpignan, France from October 18-21st, 2019 with presenters from the media, literature, academia and research, and legal and commercial worlds. Programming included professional workshops, seminars, film screenings, and mentoring, and these videos offer a glimpse into the 4 days of exciting events.

The UPVD was a partner of the event.

Valérie Chansigaud studies the history of the relationship between the human species and nature. Combining the history of science, cultural history and environmental history, her work focuses on the impact of man on his environment, cultural sensitivity to environmental issues and the parallel between man’s domination over nature and man’s domination over man. A specialist in the history of naturalist iconography from the Renaissance to the present day, the diversity and quality of the illustrations in Valerie’s works have been widely praised by critics. Among her published books are: “Histoire de l’ornithologie” (2007), “L’Homme et la Nature” (2013, Grand Prix de l’Académie française in 2014), “Histoire des fleurs” (2014), “Les Enfants et la nature” (2016), “Les Français et la nature” (2017) and “Les Combats pour la nature” (2018). She is currently working on a book about the history of animal domestication, which will be followed by a history of vegetarianism from the 18th century to the present day.

Learn more about the festival at: www.naturethroughhereyes.com

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