Online workshop Songlines of Resurgence update

The half-day, exploratory, online workshop Songlines of Resurgence takes place on 5.11.2020. It asks: 

How might Songlines (poetic song, channelling multiple, community voices) chart the learning and long-term impacts of ‘Nature-based Solutions’?

This workshop aims to catalyse Songlines initiatives in Nepal and Senegal. It puts Nepali & Senegalese poets, ecocritics and sustainable development practitioners into conversation to this end. Using breakout groups and Q & A sessions, it also solicits the experience of a broader group of environmental humanities researchers, poets, artists and development specialists. This forging of links between environmental humanities research and sustainable development practice responds to the call to ‘scale deep’ and position cultural beliefs within sustainable development projects.

The Songlines workshop has received seed funding from SAGW, to stimulate Humanities research on the Sustainable Development Goals. I am very grateful for this support. 

For more information about the workshop, please see the attached flier, the Songlines website and my Twitter feed: @rachelhafiza.

To join the workshop or receive our workshop report, kindly email me at

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