Séminaire en ligne ‘An Ecopoetics of Wonder; or, Writing to Re-Enchant Our Relationships with the Nonhuman World’

Séminaire organisé par l’English Literature Research Group de la KU Leuven et David Lombard, avec Claire Cazajous-Augé, le 26 février de 12h30 à 14h00 en ligne sur Zoom : ‘An Ecopoetics of Wonder; or, Writing to Re-Enchant Our Relationships with the Nonhuman World’

Claire Cazajous présentera deux ouvrages:

Dwellings of Enchantment. Writing and Reenchanting the Earth (Lexington Books, 2021), edited by Bénédicte Meillon, is a collection of articles following a 2016 international conference in Perpignan, France, that Meillon co-organized. The 19 contributions from writers and scholars all intimate that literature can attune us to the rhythms, gestures and « vibrant matter » (Bennett) of the more-than-human world and renew our capacity for wonder. The considerable diversity of the corpuses and approaches present in this volume illustrates the multiple ways in which environmental literature is endowed with the ability to show us how to coexist responsibly with other beings.

A la trace : la poéthique animalière de Rick Bass (Tracing an Animal Poethics in Rick Bass’s Short Stories, Editions ENS de Lyon, 2021), Claire Cazajous’s PhD thesis that will be published next September, examines the manners in which fictional writing contributes to modifying the way we consider and interact with nonhuman animals. It analyzes how North American environmental writers, such as Thoreau, Aldo Leopold, Barry Lopez, and more specifically Rick Bass, describe encounters between human and nonhuman animals as moments of enchantment. By combining scientific knowledge with stylistic devices, and by relying on the very structure and substance of poetic writing, they manage to make us experience the infinite variety and the vulnerability of other modes of existence and contribute to bringing our own ways of existing towards more ethical behaviors. https://www.arts.kuleuven.be/english-literature/events/englit-research-seminar-cazajous-auge-ecopoetics-of-wonder

L’inscription permet l’envoi direct du lien vers la session Zoom. 

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