Call for Papers : Journal of Posthumanism invites articles for the 2nd issue in 2021

Journal of Posthumanism invites contributions to the second issue of the Journal of Posthumanism, an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal promoting innovative work to transverse the fields ranging from social sciences, humanities, and arts to medicine and STEM. 

Submission Deadline: 2 August 2021

We invite papers, commentaries, interviews, book reviews, and artistic works investigating the posthuman condition in its diverse modes of being and knowing.

All submissions should follow the latest guidelines of APA style referencing. You are welcome to submit full-length papers (5000-6000 words), commentaries (1000-2000 words), book reviews, interviews, and artistic works.

Please direct any queries about the journal to

In line with the efforts of creating a broad network beyond disciplinary boundaries, the journal seeks to explore what it means to be human in this technologically-saturated, ecologically damaged world, and transcend the traditional conception of the human while encouraging philosophical thinking beyond humanism. With its post-centralized (un)structure, it aims to open up new possibilities in reconfiguring the integral and dynamic multi-scalar relationality between the human and more-than-human world, the clear-cut boundaries of which are eroding. Perceiving the human in critical enmeshment with the more-than-human world, thus, the journal aims to deconstruct the long-held but ineffectual hierarchical divide between various species, different ethnic groups, cultures, sexualities, genders, and worlds, and reflect the embodiment of their interwoven differences. The journal additionally responds to the impacts of ongoing developments on various landscapes, dimensions, environments, climates, life forms, and biodiversity. The journal is interested in enriching dialogue among scholars, academics, practitioners, policymakers, and students working in/with numerous different fields and in encouraging the posthumanist ethos and praxis.].

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