Virtual Discussion: Nature Writing & the Everyday (EASLCE)

Virtual Discussion: “The Everyday in British New Nature Writing”

Guests: Kathleen Jamie, Mark Cocker and Terry Gifford

Date: Tuesday, June 8th, 2021, 11:20 – 12:50 am CET

Form: online via Microsoft Teams

The discussion will be open for the public. If you would like to join, please contact Melina Lieb ( until Friday, June 4th, and she will send you the respective link. Participants without a Microsoft account can take part via their web browser.

With the increasing extinction of animal and plant species due to habitat loss, agricultural practices and climate change, we also face losing the ability to speak about them. This impending “eco-illiteracy” is counteracted by both Nature Writing and Ecopoetry, emerging forms of literature which aim at fostering the language we use towards other species. While Ecopoetry employs the lyrical form, Nature Writing almost without exception takes the form of non-fictional prose, which is also often characterized by poetic language. In the words of British writer Mark Cocker, it is a “poetry of fact.” Both forms place an emphasis on the idea that “wild nature” is to be found right at our doorsteps – that is, in our everyday encounters and experiences.

In this discussion, we would like to explore how recent Nature Writing and Ecopoetry foster resonance with the everyday, the ordinary and the common, and how they thus invite readers to care about more-than-human nature.

Kathleen Jamie is a highly acclaimed poet and essayist from Scotland. She has taught creative writing at the University of Stirling.

Mark Cocker is an award-winning author, naturalist and environmental activist based in Norfolk. He has been a country diarist for The Guardian for 30 years, and teaches courses on wildlife and creative writing.

Terry Gifford is a leading scholar of ecocriticism. He is Visiting Research Fellow at the Research Centre for Environmental Humanities at Bath Spa University and Honorary Professor at Universidad de Alicante, Spain.

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