Parution : Re-storying Mediterranean Worlds. New Narrative from Italian cultures to global citizenship

edited by
Angela Biancofiore
Clément Barniaudy

Re-storying Mediterranean Worlds

This book invites readers to think of Mediterranean cultures as interconnected worlds, seen in light of how they evolve, disappear, are reborn and perpetually transform. This perspective intends to build bridges between the Northern and Southern coasts of the sea in order to broaden and deepen our understanding of current evolutions in Mediterranean worlds, at the cultural, literary, artistic and geopolitical levels. As Paul Valéry suggested, we can consider this plural space from the perspective of the intense cultural, economic and human exchanges which have always characterized the Mare Nostrum. We can also consider Mediterranean worlds within an open enactive process, deeply exploring their evolution between nature and culture, examining the natural environment and the transforming relationships between humans and non-humans. 

“The Mediterraneanis not only a place on maps. It is a category, indicating crossings,
hybridizations, the multiple Souths of people and natures that lands and seas connect
as well as divide. With its rich ensemble of voices and motives, Re-storying
Mediterranean Worlds: New Narratives from Italian Cultures to Global Citizenship
explores the cultural and political layers of this category, transforming the Mediterranean
into an open frontier for global encounters and visions.”
Serenella Iovino, Professor ofItalian Studies and Environmental Humanities, University of North Carolina

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