Humanities Seminar, Laura Ouillon, “Forests of the Mind: Spectres of Deforestation in Contemporary English Aesthetics”

Laura Ouillon<> (Université de Paris) 

17h00-19h00, 1 Décembre 2021

Lien Zoom à venir.

Bâtiment Olympe de Gouges, Salle à déterminer, Université de Paris

Résumé en anglais:

Experiences, histories and representations of deforestation and natural loss have been central to the constitution of the cultural and affective relationship between trees and people in England. Some contemporary English, tree-related artworks, such as the 2009 installation Total Recall by Mat Collishaw, thus tend to evoke a form of environmental melancholia. In this context, contemporary aesthetic figures of trees in English art can be envisaged as surviving images of a surviving nature which come back to haunt the collective imagination in the context of the contemporary environmental crisis.

Laura Ouillon<> is a doctoral student in Contemporary British Art and Visual Culture at LARCA, Université de Paris. Her thesis examines the tree motif in the work of British artists, including Mat Collishaw, Tacita Dean and David Hockney, from the 1980s onwards. Her aim is to see how the contradictions of English contemporary identities and identifications have been negotiated and articulated in this canonical artistic motif.

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