Journal of the Short Story in English, Special Issue: Ron Rash Spring 2020

Parution du numéro 74 du Journal of the Short Story in English, un numéro spécial consacré à Ron Rash, co-dirigé par Frédérique Spill et Randall Wilhelm.
Le volume sera bientôt disponible via les Presses Universitaires de Rennes. 

Table des matières

Gérald Préher & Xavier Le Brun, Foreword

Frédérique Spill & Randall Wilhelm, Introduction

Brian Railsback, “From Cliffside to Casualties: Ron Rash’s Apprenticeship in Depth and Darkness”

Françoise Palleau-Papin, “‘Their Ancient, Glittering Eyes’: a story of hieratic vision”

C. K. Walker, “‘A Wound So Deep and Ragged:’ The Vulnerable Body of Appalachia in Ron Rash’s Short Stories”

Frédérique Spill, “Light effects in Burning Bright

Gérald Préher, “‘A sure terrain, . . . a permanent landscape of the heart’: Ron Rash’s Poetics of Textual Space”

Randi Adams, “Corpse Birds and Cooling Boards: Appalachian Deathways in Ron Rash’s Short Stories”

Jessica Cory, “Blue Balls: Masculinity and Hypothermia in the Short Stories of Ron Rash”

Patrycja Kurjatto-Renard, “Men and Women in Ron Rash’s Civil War Stories in Something Rich and Strange

Marie-Christine Agosto, “Reading, Seeing, Remembering: Aesthetic Experience in Ron Rash’s Stories in Nothing Gold Can Stay

Marcel Arbeit, “Good Luck, Bad Luck: Ron Rash’s ‘Cherokee’”

Erin M. Presley, “Reconciling Literacy and Loss in Ron Rash’s Nothing Gold Can Stay

Randall Wilhelm, “A place where all manner of strange occurrences were possible’: The Marvelous Real in Ron Rash’s In the Valley

Martha Eads, “‘The Epicenter of Who I Am’: Ron Rash’s Roots in Aho, North Carolina”

Bénédicte Meillon, “‘Dwellings of Enchantment: Writing and Reenchanting the Earth,’ an Interview with Ron Rash”

Frédérique Spill, “In the Valley: A Conversation with Ron Rash”

Ron Rash, “French I”

Frédérique Spill, Randall Wilhelm & Gérald Préher, Bibliography

Contributor’s notes

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