Publication : ‘The Experience of Disaster in Early Modern English Literature’ (Sophie Chiari, ed.)

Sophie Chiari (ed.), The Experience of Disaster in Early Modern English Literature, New York : Routledge, 2022, 198 p.

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General Introduction

Sophie Chiari

PART I. Extreme Conditions

Chapter 1

‘Shakespeare, Natural Disaster, and Atmospheric Phenomena’

Geraldo U. de Sousa

Chapter 2

‘Frozen: English Journeys to the End of the World’

Sophie Lemercier-Goddard

Chapter 3

‘Musical Representations of Natural Phenomena in Early Modern English Madrigals’

Chantal Schütz

PART II. Tempestuous Skies

Chapter 4

‘Man in Stormy Weathers in the Age of Shakespeare’

Danièle Berton-Charrière

Chapter 5

‘The Storms of Othello in 1613’

David M. Bergeron

Chapter 6

‘Francis Bacon and the Mastery of the Winds’

Angus Vine

PART III. Biblical Calamities

Chapter 7

‘The Plague of Gnats in Shakespeare and his Contemporaries’

Sophie Chiari

Chapter 8

‘Michael Drayton and the Invention of the Disaster Epic: Eco-catastrophe in the Late Poems’

Todd A. Borlik

Chapter 9

‘John Ray’s Inquiry into the Future Dissolution of the World in The Miscellaneous Discourses

Michaël Popelard


‘Climate Change and the Postsecular in Paul Schrader’s First Reformed

John Gillies

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